About us

Does you property have the right AURA?

Aura Estates

AURA Estates is an innovative Belgian investor-developer specialising in residential and commercial property.

Each project is based on firmly rooted principles:




Are you looking for a new home or an investment property? AURA builds made-to-measure  apartments or (assisted living) homes, according to your style and within your budget. With us, you can have complete peace of mind.  The project is closely supervised by our dedicated team, from the concept to the delivery, with clear and honest communication. We listen, design and develop your project until every last detail is perfectly worked out. We strive to achieve maximum comfort at an affordable price.

Let’s work together to make your dream home a reality!


Is your company planning to build? AURA opts for a reassuring approach from A to Z and a made-to-measure commercial building. We develop solutions that meet the vision and needs of your activities, for today and for the future. We are aware that the right location can be crucial to your business. Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the market and a network developed over many years, we know how to find the ideal location for you. Together with you we can design and plan a highly efficient professional building. Our in-house team of experts follows the authorisation and construction process and continually monitors the timeliness and the quality of the work, down to the smallest detail. Even after the delivery we are available for you if necessary. We also apply this work ethic as an investor renting out our own commercial buildings. Are you looking for more of a financial solution for your company? Our activities also include sale and leaseback transactions or other appropriate solutions.

Let’s do this together!

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For each of our projects, whether business premises, retail, office, apartment or house, for sale or rent, we always opt for the highest quality; not just in materials and techniques, but also in design, finishing and guidance. Our norms and standards are always up-to-date in terms of energy and sustainability.

The right design in the right location creates the desired aura for your company or your new home. An AURA-project not only retains its value but also generates added value.


Green and sustainable

We strive to minimise the use of finite raw materials (e.g. energy from fossil fuel and substances that are harmful to the environment and health). Sustainable building begins with the choice of new construction or renovation by, for example, refurbishment through the reallocation of existing buildings. The utilisation of land for new buildings is practically irreversible.
If, however, a new build is necessary, this irreversibility would  be an argument for building in high density, e.g. by mixing (stacking) of functions and hence reducing the living/working traffic. Flexibility is also important, i.e. creating buildings that are suitable for changing types of use.

An example: the development of multifunctional shell spaces has its advantages. The building’s outer shell remains the property of, for example, the investor while the tenant develops the interior. The outer frame is designed to allow the adaptation to multiple uses – live/work/relax. Sustainable building also involves using the correct choice of materials, energy use, power generation, water use etc. in the design of the building.


Professional service and expertise

The licensing and construction process is becoming more and more complex due to ever increasing standards.

Our team of experienced construction specialists and in-house experts is ready for you. We see it as our responsibility to assist you and to give advice. Timely guidance, common sense and clear communication are important values of our company philosophy.

Over the years we have built up a solid selection of loyal and competent external partners.

Our interests are identical. AURA is the construction manager and is therefore always on your side. No false commitments, only actions. Our independence guarantees extra attention to quality, timing and budget.

Some details are discreetly hidden. Technical installations are adapted to your needs. The use of space is optimised resulting in no wasted space. The necessary facilities are there for any possible extensions, and so on.

We are happy to provide our know-how and expertise to help you make your dream property a reality.

Our team will also be at your disposal after the delivery!


Architecture with an eye for detail

From the first sketch the project is well thought out and designed with the greatest care and an eye for detail. The aim is to use architecture that is specific to each user, tailored to your most important wishes, for today and for the future. In short, architecture with a specific AURA that transcends the banal and withstands the test of time.

Who are we?

Thanks to their determination and continuity in their entrepreneurship, AURA Estates has grown into a solid partner with an established network and unique expertise.

The group was founded in 2009 by Dimitri Saerens, and has grown into a strong team of partners and employees each specialised in a specific property domain.