Aura Residential Estates

AURA Estates develops tailor made buildings. Together with you, we are going to build a home or investment property. The focus is on good architecture, sustainable construction and the quality of the environment. 

We are looking for land

Our vision for living

We only select well-located land, either close to a central location or in a green environment. The land is chosen to build quality and innovative architecture, with an eye for detail. This creates an added value for the inhabitants and the surrounding area.

Each project, whether new construction or renovation, offers you the opportunity to participate in the decisions on design and finishing.

Our team of specialists stays with you from project idea to delivery, so we can offer or build the project according to your wishes and you will feel right at home.

To investors we offer high quality real estate with excellent performance.

In short, we offer you a global worry-free approach.


  • Architecture with added value
  • Tailor made
  • Green and sustainable
  • Quality
  • Construction technical experts
  • 100 % completion guarantee